Introducing our free “Plus” plan

Add AI-powered time tracking to Harvest, Freshbooks, Toggl, and more

Paul Doerwald
October 26, 2020

Today we’re introducing our new Clockk “Plus” plan.

Plus is our new forever free unlimited users, unlimited projects and unlimited time sheet retention plan. No other AI-powered time tracking tool offers a forever free plan. In fact, Clockk Plus may be the best free time tracking plan available!

We want Clockk running in every agency office and on every freelancer’s computer.

No one should dread doing their time sheets.

No one should have to suffer starting and stopping their timer.

No one should be stressed when their boss asks for time sheets.

We’ve felt the way you feel. We know your pain.

We realized that a free plan is the best way to take away your time sheet pain.

Plus is an add-on to your current workflow. Clockk Plus makes Harvest, Freshbooks, Toggl, Clockify, etc. better. You don’t have to change your billing process at all.


How does it work?


  1. Sign up for Clockk
  2. Train Clockk’s powerful AI to recognize the work you do on your projects.
  3. Enter the time that Clockk tracks automatically into Harvest, Freshbooks, Toggle, Clockify, etc. (your existing time sheet tool.)
  4. Profit! when you find 30 minutes that you would have forgotten to bill.


You might be thinking...

“This is a trick; you’re going to take the Plus plan away from me”


Everyone who signs up for Clockk Plus will get to keep it indefinitely. We believe in grandfathering plans.

“You’re going to limit Plus so that I have to upgrade”


If you’re sticking with your old manual time tracking tool, then Plus is enough to make your life better. You’ll only have to pay them. You’ll never have to pay us until you’re ready to switch tools.


Hopefully you are thinking...

“I’m ready. I want to make my life better”

Great! Sign up for Clockk and make your time sheet pain go away.