2021: The complete time sheet meme collection

January 7, 2022

Time tracking sucks.

Time sheets suck.

So what can we do to make time tracking and time sheets suck less?

We can make memes to brighten your day.

Here are all the memes we made in 2021.

Productivity enthusiasts, lazy employees, using AI powered time tracking software
Your manager waiting for you to submit your time sheets
Two people who didn’t do their time sheets
Types of Headaches:
-trying to fill in your time sheets from memory
My time sheet vs. me trying to remember everything I worked on
You on a Friday afternoon watching your co-workers your co-workers that already submitted their time sheets leave
Remembering you forgot to do your time sheet, putting it off until tomorrow, then remembering you still haven’t done your time sheet.
Please sir, I want some more time to submit my time sheets
Submitting your time sheet vs. getting paid because you submitted your time sheet
Me vs. My motivation to fill out my time sheet
Enjoying a work day. Time sheets are almost due.
Timesheets with Clockk? It’s not rocket appliances
“I bet he’s thinking about other women” “I wonder if I missed any billable hours today”
When you don't use Clockk to submit your timesheets.
“Timesheets suck” “False. Not with AI-Powered time tracking software”
“Timesheets submitted!”
“Welcome to catching up on a months worth of timesheets” “where everything is made up and the points don’t matter”
“me doing my timesheets”
“So you’re telling me there’s an easier way to do timesheets”
“When your timesheets are automatically done for you”
“Me when I’ve completed my timesheets for the year”

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