The best “Submit your Timesheet” memes

March 25, 2022

You want to send invoices but you’re still waiting for Anne on the web team to submit her timesheet. And also Julien on the design team. And Suresh in digital. Come on already!

Send them one (or more!) of these sassy-but-not-too-sassy-because-this-is-work-after-all memes. Maybe they’ll get the message and submit their timesheets? Maybe? 🤞

And: So what’s the deal with all this “General Administration” time? What do you actually do around here?

Save this one for your worst offender(s).

“Ya’ll got any more of them billable hours”

I’ll take the unbillable hours too. In fact, I’ll just take your time sheets please and thank you.

Your manager waiting for you to submit your time sheets

I think Bernie would say that “timesheets are not a spectator sport”. Or was that “democracy”? Why don’t you just submit your timesheets, please.

You didn’t submit your time sheets? Be a lot cooler if you did

They could be cool like Lisa in Accounting who always gets her timesheets in on time!

Turning in your timesheets on time so hot right now!

Turning in your timesheets early is also hot.

The number of people who don’t submit their timesheets on time, is too damn high!

Not to mention that the billable hours are too damn low!

Stop leaving your time sheets to the last minute

Also: Stop leaving your dirty dishes in the sink.

Waiting for everyone to submit their time sheets

and waiting, and waiting...

When you ask an employee for the 100th time to fill out their time sheet and they still don’t do it.

I don’t get it either. It’s not hard. It’s just a timesheet. Why? WHY? WHY?!?!

My boss since I started using Clockk for my time sheets

Everyone wants their boss to be happy, right?

And just like that ... it’s already Friday and your time sheets are due

Or Thursday of a long weekend.

If you could submit your timesheets along with form TS-31, that would be great

Yeah, I’m gonna let you come in on Saturday to finish up some paperwork too.

Hey. Can I get this week’s time sheets by noon?

I’ll take 1pm. Or even 3pm. Just please can I get this week’s time sheets?

What if I told you, timesheets are due

What if I told you that work also starts at 9am, not 10:30.

This just in, your timesheets are due

Is Ron Burgundy on TikTok? Because that’s the only way your staff is actually going to get this breaking news.

You, you and you! You all get timesheet reminders

Funny that they don’t need reminders to fill in their expense reports...!

Tell me again why you didn’t complete your timesheets

Because you can’t actually say “Tell me again why I need to pay your salary?”

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