Funniest Timesheet Memes of 2020

January 15, 2021

For such a rough year, there sure were a lot of amazing timesheet memes!

If your boss sends you one of these...

This just in, your timesheets are due

Update: They’re still due.

Tell me again why you didn’t complete your timesheets

I would not mess with this cat. Just do your timesheets.

You, you and you! You all get timesheet reminders

At least I’m not alone!

You didn’t submit your time sheets? Be a lot cooler if you did

But I’m still cool, right?

What if I told you, timesheets are due

I think I’ll stay in Wonderland, where timesheets are never due.

Turning in your timesheets on time so hot right now!

I’d rather die in a gasoline fight than submit my timesheets.

Hey. Can I get this week’s time sheets by noon?

How about 5pm?

If you could submit your timesheets along with form TS-31, that would be great

Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and let you come in on Saturday to finish those up.

And just like that ... it’s already Friday and your time sheets are due

And now it’s Monday and your timesheets are still due.

Waiting for everyone to submit their time sheets

If he’s waiting for Designer-Jen’s timesheet, he’ll be waiting a long time. (But not for Account-Manager-Jen — I swear, she finishes her day’s timesheet before she leaves for lunch!)

Stop leaving your time sheets to the last minute


You can reply back with one of these...

Time sheets suck. Change my mind.

Although I don’t think you actually want to hear what your boss has to say if you tell them this.

On the path to the dark side, time sheets are

We saw how things ended for Anakin Skywalker when he didn’t submit his timesheets to the Emperor. A lot of younglings died that day.

You could just leave early for the weekend...

The weekend, me, my blank timesheets

Do you think I hurt my timesheets’ feelings?

Me and my management when Friday comes and I haven’t handed in my time sheets

Run away!

Fill out your time sheet vs. go to happy hour instead

Happy hour won’t be there on Monday morning, but my timesheets will. What do you think I’m going to choose?

Me and the weekend vs. the time sheets I haven’t filled out

I swear, time sheets — I’ll get to you on Monday. I promise!

Or live in denial...

Me with several weeks worth of time sheets I haven’t filled out ... This is fine.

I didn’t need those billable hours anyway!

Hey you goin’ to sleep? Yes, now shut up. You forgot to submit your timesheet! 😱


The secret pain of time tracking... remembering to start and stop your timer!

Luke, you left your Harvest timer running again. Nooooooooooooo!

If once you start down the Dark Path of using a timer, forever will it dominate your day.

*Pressing stop on the timer*, Your employees:

At least the fire will brighten up the office, when we can’t afford to keep the lights on.

Timesheets are in! 🎉

On Friday after I submit my time sheets

I love this cat.

When you complete your time sheets ✅

Success kid knows how awesome it feels.

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