It’s Friday! Time to submit your timesheets! Memes

July 15, 2022

It’s the same story every Friday. You need timesheets. They’re not finished. Standoff.

Here are some Friday-specific memes that we made to drive the point home. Friday timesheet reminders, and hope of a weekend without timesheets. It’s all here.

It’s Friday! Where are your timesheets?

And just like that ... it’s already Friday and your time sheets are due

This box of chocolates has lots of other “submit your timesheet” memes; they’re just not about Friday specifically.

This is the saddest Friday ever

You on a Friday afternoon watching your co-workers your co-workers that already submitted their time sheets leave

The office has never felt more like a jail 😩.

You can’t have my timesheets!

Me and my management when Friday comes and I haven’t handed in my time sheets

I don’t have to submit my timesheets now. I just have to submit them sooner than the last person.

I win at Friday!

On Friday after I submit my time sheets

The rest of my Friday is going to be AWESOME!

You have to get through Friday to get to the weekend

The weekend, me, my blank timesheets

But the weekend sure does look enticing!

Something is holding me back

Me and the weekend vs. the time sheets I haven’t filled out

If only I could fully enjoy the weekend!

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