The Perfect Timesheet Reminder Meme to Send to your Team

May 13, 2022

Why do they make it so hard?

Are timesheets really so much to ask? After all, you pay them at least once a month! (Right? You did do payroll, right?)

Maybe try sending them one of these timesheet reminder memes. Even if you don’t get timesheets, you’ll at least get a laugh. Isn’t that good enough?

Well no 😂. But you can try sending a meme anyway.

You, you and you! You all get timesheet reminders

If Oprah can give away cars, she can give away timesheet reminders.

What if I told you, timesheets are due

What if I told you time sheets are due every week, actually.

Turning in your timesheets on time so hot right now!

You’ll never be as hot as when your timesheets are submitted.

This just in, your timesheets are due

This also in: I can’t send invoices until you submit your timesheets.

Waiting for everyone to submit their time sheets

Pablo will see his time sheets one day...

And just like that ... it’s already Friday and your time sheets are due

Life is like a box of billable hours, accurately tracked and allocated to the correct client, on time, and ready for easy invoicing. You get me, Forrest Gump.

Hey. Can I get this week’s time sheets by noon?

If I had that face glaring into my cubicle, I’d get my timesheets done immediately. Followed by belly rubs and purring.

Your manager waiting for you to submit your time sheets

I think Bernie would say that “timesheets are not a spectator sport”. Or was that “democracy”? Why don’t you just submit your timesheets, please.

This is what might happen to Bernie if you take too long with your timesheets. 😩🦴

So what’s the deal with you skipping out early for happy hour?

When you ask an employee for the 100th time to fill out their time sheet and they still don’t do it.


If you could submit your timesheets along with form TS-31, that would be great

Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and let you come in on the weekend to finish them up.

The number of people who don’t submit their timesheets on time, is too damn high!

The number of people who don’t wash their dishes is TOO DAMN HIGH!

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