The Very Best Timesheet Memes of 2022

September 27, 2022

With half the world still wanting to WFH in 2022, timesheets have never been later.

But fortunately, we have timesheet memes! Memes make timesheet Friday fun.

Read on to see our collection of the very best timesheet memes of 2022.

All the cool people do their timesheets on time!

He also washes all the dishes in the sink, not just his own.

“you submit your timesheets on time?” “What, like it’s hard?”

She also tells everyone every time she checks an item off her list. She’s kinda Type A that way.

Well done, you!

With that smile, Leo can have my timesheets every day, not just on Friday.

“Timesheets submitted!”

Now you do the timesheet submission dance! It’s cool! Really!

I'm a little annoyed that I have to send a reminder

Your boss, waiting for you.

“Your timesheets are empty!”
“They’re about nothing.”
“Nothing? They have to be about something!”
“Nope! See this day? Nothing.”

I have better things to do than time sheets

“my boss: do your timesheets me: I just wanna lie on the beach and eat hot dogs”

And I just want to send invoices.

Try again next week...

“When I get asked to do my timesheets” “Okay, fine. But I’m just gonna complain the whole time”

And I’m good at complaining about timesheets because I get practice complaining literally every week.

“Stop trying to make timesheets happen It’s not going to happen”

If you don’t make timesheets happen, I might not make payroll happen...

You know there’s a better way, right?

“one does not simply fill in their timesheets from memory”

Remembering what you worked on is the hardest part of doing your timesheets.

“If you fill in your timesheets manually you’re gonna have a bad time”

Maybe there’s a way to make timesheets easier?

“automatic timesheets? treat yo self”

There is a better way...

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