Top 9 “Your timesheets are late” memes

April 15, 2022

There are timesheet reminders, and then there are timesheets-are-late reminders. These are the timesheets-are-late reminders. For the people who just. don’t. get. the. hint. 🤬

Tell me again why you didn’t complete your timesheets

You can play timesheet BINGO. Here are some spots for your card:

  • I slept in (until 5pm on Friday)
  • I forgot them
  • Happy hour started early
  • The app wouldn’t load
  • I couldn’t remember the client’s name
  • Jose in the next cubicle was breathing too loud
Your manager waiting for you to submit your time sheets



The number of people who don’t submit their timesheets on time, is too damn high!

We need you to submit your timesheets because we need to send invoices because OUR RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH!

You didn’t submit your time sheets? Be a lot cooler if you did

Washing your dishes would be cool too.

So what’s the deal with you going to Happy Hour without finishing your timesheets first?

Waiting for everyone to submit their time sheets

This could be you, waiting for me to reimburse your expense form.

Turning in your timesheets on time so hot right now!

You can explain why you’re late to me in person. Out your office, 3 right turns, down the hall, another 3 right turns, and you’ll be at my office.

When you ask an employee for the 100th time to fill out their time sheet and they still don’t do it.

100 reminders? Maybe you need something more drastic than a meme to get those timesheets...

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