The Top Timesheet Memes of all Time

August 2, 2022

This is the list of our favourite timesheet memes ever. From time to time we edit and update to make sure that we’re only showing you our very best and funniest memes.

1 - Timesheets don’t turn heads

The weekend, me, my blank timesheets

I could do my timesheets... or I could start the weekend early!

2 - Motivation

Me vs. My motivation to fill out my time sheet

I’m surprised there was even a motivation to bury. I think I have less motivation than that!

3 - I’m feeling just a little good right now

On Friday after I submit my time sheets

First round is on me!

4 - Improv timesheets

“Welcome to catching up on a months worth of timesheets” “where everything is made up and the points don’t matter”

Apparently neither do the details.

5 - Run away!

Me and my management when Friday comes and I haven’t handed in my time sheets

If you think this is bad, you should have seen Management when I claimed a first-class flight to LAX!

6 - Timesheets suck, plain and simple

Time sheets suck. Change my mind.

This is not an argument worth getting into. He’s right.

7 - Wise advice!

Stop leaving your time sheets to the last minute

It was this or “Stop deforestation in the Amazon”.

8 - I’m going to be a little late tonight...

Me and the weekend vs. the time sheets I haven’t filled out

At least it’s only one week’s worth of timesheets.

9 - Nope

“Stop trying to make timesheets happen It’s not going to happen”

Said every creative, ever.

10 - And you want them whispering about you, right?

He also washes other peoples’ dishes that they leave in the sink.

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