Your old time tracker ❤️ Clockk

Clockk • June 17, 2020

Switching time tracking solutions can be scary. Time tracking is the way we make money. This is not a decision to be made lightly!

Clockk has a FREE solution for you that will let you keep using your existing time tracking tool (for now! 😆) while enjoying what Clockk has to offer!

If you’re not perfect at tracking your time while you work (and who is, except for that super-clever millennial over near the window who also shows up on time every day and keeps their desk neat and tidy all the time 🤯🤬) you might need a little help from Clockk.

At the end of every day (or at the beginning of the next), take a look at Clockk’s Activity view. Use Clockk to help you remember what you worked on. The time totals at the bottom of the screen will help you fill out or correct your existing tool’s time sheet.

Make sure you remember to Review & Submit your time sheet in Clockk. If you do, you’ll be able to take advantage of our powerful reports, also for free!

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