FAQ / What is data retention?

What is data retention?

In Clockk, regardless of the plan you’re on (including our free Plus plan), you’ll always have access to all your saved timesheets. When you're reviewing your day, be sure you click Save. Once you do, your timesheet will be saved forever.

Activity view changes are unsaved
Activity view changes are saved
The bottom-right corner of the Activity view shows if your timesheet is unsaved or saved

Clockk’s data retention period refers to how long you have access to tracked data. Once a day is outside your retention period, you’ll see a lock screen.

Data outside data retention period lock screen
Data outside your data retention period is archived in order to decrease storage costs.

To access time outside of your retention period, you’ll need to upgrade to a higher plan or buy a data retention add-on.

We have tried to make our retention plans as user-friendly as possible. We use very liberal interpretations of “week” and “month”.

  • Our free Plus plan’s 3-day data retention gives you enough time to fill in Friday’s timesheet on Monday.
  • Our default 2-week data retention gives you two full weeks of data retention history. That means if today is Thursday, then you have access to all of this week, all of last week, and all of the week before as well, for a total of 19 days. The week resets on Sunday.
  • Our add-on 3-month data retention gives you three full months of data retention history. If today is February 22, you have all of February, January, December and November available to you.
  • We also offer 1-year and unlimited data retention add-ons.

2 week retention should be enough for everybody, since you should be doing your timesheets at least every week. However, some people (we’re not naming names! 😆) need more time, and for them we have the 3-month plan.

Customers who choose 1-year or unlimited are making sure that if their client asks a question about an old bill, they can go back and see clearly what they worked on.

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