What's in your development roadmap?


In all our plans, including our free Plus plan:

  • Support for ALL email providers by using IMAP rather than BCC. More secure for you (we never see your credentials or any email bodies, and all processing happens on your computer) and easier to use (no wonky unreliable BCC tools).

In the Freelancer plan:

  • Tracking time against a daily goal
  • Project budgets
  • Bill rates for people & projects
  • Moving time between projects (in case time was billed to the wrong project)
  • WIP (Work in Progress), billable, unbillable, invoiced, and uninvoiced time
  • Personal projects (projects you can track time to, but that won’t be reported to the organization)

In the Studio plan:

  • Integrations with the tools in your business workflow
  • Utilization reports
  • Team time sheet reports (who has submitted their time sheets?)
  • Per-user permissions

In the Agency plan:

  • Permission groups (project managers, account managers) and hierarchies
  • Time sheet review & approvals
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