How File tracking works in Clockk

In the Clockk Desktop app, you can enable File tracking.

With File tracking enabled, every time you save a file, Clockk will be notified.

File tracking is an incredibly powerful feature for users like software developers who touch many files during a normal workday.

Additionally, video editors using Final Cut Pro and graphic designers using Affinity Photo can benefit by turning on File tracking. Since both of these tools (among others) are not fully supported by Clockk’s Active app tracking, enabling File tracking helps these users identify which project they were working on.

Important note

In certain versions of macOS, enabling File tracking can randomly cause a serious crashing bug where teh Clockk app will use up all available memory. The issue is caused due to a bug in the macOS operating system. This bug affects a small subset of our users, and we haven’t been able to identify what circumstances cause the bug to occur. The only resolutions are:

  • Reboot your computer - If you fully restart your computer, the bug goes away for a time. It may never come back.
  • Disable File tracking - If you turn off Clockk’s File tracking, you will not encounter this issue.

To our knowledge, this bug has only occurred in macOS Monterey (macOS 12).