We’re changing the way agencies do time sheets.

The old way of doing time sheets doesn’t work. Hounding staff and punishing delinquents only gets you resentment and inaccurate data. Barely good enough for invoices (let’s hope your clients don’t ask questions!), you wouldn't trust those time sheets to run your business.

Clockk is forging a new path.

Accurate data → Wise decisions

Time is the commodity all agencies sell, but most track it poorly or not at all. No manufacturer would make widgets without recording inventory and costs. Why do agencies think they can get away without tracking time? Clockk gives unparalleled insight into how your agency uses and sells time.

Empowered team → Leading company

Clockk believes that completing time sheets should feel like winning. Staff see what they accomplished and where their time went, so they can spend more time doing the things they love! Clockk automates time sheets, so your creatives can do their very best work.

Extraordinary value → Ridiculous Margins

Your clients get extraordinary value because you have a great team that does fantastic work. Clockk’s helps you achieve the ridiculous profit you deserve while delivering that amazing value.

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