Your privacy


Your privacy is incredibly important to us

As a creative, the last thing you want to do is your time sheets. Clockk makes your life easier by doing most of the tedious work for you. We do it by tracking the files you edit on your computer and the changes you make on selected cloud applications. This puts a lot of power and responsibility in Clockk’s hands. This is our promise:

We will never share any information we collect on your behalf with anyone (especially your boss!) without your explicit permission.

Your “digital agent” only watches the files you allow it to and never submits anything other than the file name & path to the Clockk server.

Furthermore, we’ve opened the digital agent’s source code. You or someone you trust can review the code to be certain that it does only and exactly what we say it does. You can feel free to modify it.

Finally, all communication with Clockk’s servers happens over SSL encryption. Our software and server configuration are regularly subject to internal security reviews, consistent with best practices for Software-as-a-Service applications, to make sure that your data stays secure.