An AI-powered Time Machine For Your Workweek

AI-powered time tracking

Imagine knowing exactly what you did this week.

No more timers. Never miss a minute of your day, with automated time tracking.

Used by multitasking professionals to easily and accurately track their time on client projects.

How it works

We’ve designed Clockk to be easy and fun to use, resulting in accurate time sheets in 3 steps.


Clockk shows you the files you worked on, the web apps you used, and your calendar, all in one place. Your whole day is available at a glance, organized by project.

Clockk integrates with all your favorite tools and keeps all your personal information private and secure from prying eyes – especially your boss.


With Clockk’s AI capabilities, you’ll train Clockk to organize your work by project. It’s quick, easy, and very powerful!

Adjust blocks of time to fill in gaps. Turn blocks of time into time sheets.


Done already? Those were the easiest time sheets ever! Clockk takes away the tedium and frustration of time sheets, so you can get back to doing the work you love.

Don’t believe it’s that easy?
Try it for yourself!

Benefit from a 360º view of your day

Graph showing actual hours exceeding goal hours

Make more money

Uncover more billable hours. Your day is busy. Clockk tracks your every move, making it easy to accurately track time spent on projects.

Graph showing how time tracked with Clockk exceeds time tracked manually

Save more time

No more scanning your calendar and notes. Clockk’s AI is trained to know what task associated with what project. Simply review and submit.

Image showing time neatly apportioned through the day

Optimize your day

It’s easy to lose track of what you worked on. Clockk shows you how you spent your time so you can optimize your day.


Track your every move, without feeling watched.

You are in full control of who sees what. Clockk is not an employee monitoring platform. We’re here to make time tracking suck less.

Read our privacy promise for all the details.

“Clockk tracks all my time. I always underestimated how long I took to write a query or edit images. I find at least two hours a week in billable time that I would have otherwise missed.”

Jeremy MacArthur

Developer, Vaxxine

“Project-based pricing is tricky when estimating execution time. With Clockk, we're able to track ongoing projects to ensure future pricing is more accurate leading to data-backed, predictable margins.”

India White

Principal, Port Tack Media

“I was skeptical at first, but after using Clockk for 2 days, it found me $125 in billable time! It’s made me thousands since in the past few months.”

Brian Jeffcock

Design Consultant, Atelier PALAIS