Clockk Success Story: Brian Jeffcock

3 minute read
June 6, 2019
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Brian Jeffcock is a Design Consultant at PALAIS, an interdisciplinary design studio. He brings his startup experience to work on several projects a day to deliver high-quality web experiences. 

Brian ran into two major issues:

  1. The inability to track little fixes to multiple projects led to lost billable time
  2. Filling out timesheets induced anxiety and added to already long days

Timesheets are already boring. You don’t need long days to be made any longer.

Timesheets are inaccurate. Your emails and collaboration is still billable time.

Timesheets are inflexible. You jump back and forth between projects.

Nobody enjoys timesheets. Brian certainly didn’t. Then he started using Clockk.

Clockk makes timesheets simple and saves you money and time.

Brian’s work required him to through clients, often working on several clients at once. Doing timesheets used to give him anxiety as he was afraid he’d over-bill clients or miss projects he worked on during the day.

Brian’s Goals

  • Accurately track his time on multiple projects
  • Minimize his time spent filling out timesheets
  • Increase his revenues from billable hours

Clockk’s Contribution

Clockk took the stress out of figuring out how much work Brian’s done and saves enough money for a meal a day. Brian found he could save over $16,000 a year in leaked time by using Clockk to track his hours.

Brian’s savings with Clockk

Leaked Time (assuming $125/hr and 45 mins leaked per day)

Per day $70
Per week $350
Per month $1400
Per Year $16,800

“I was leaking anywhere from $30 to 100, so fifteen minutes to half an hour. I think you really underestimate how much you’re leaking at the bottom. For me I was doing a meal a day.”

Graph showing Brian's increased revenue

“I was leaving that money on the table, so I’m not even optimizing a process with money already there. It’s not like I’ll spend it here versus there, I’m just not collecting that money.


Within days of downloading Clockk, Brian found that his time was more accurately reflected in his timesheet. This translated into tangible profits daily, which quickly began to accumulate.

Clockk helped Brian by continuously tracking his time through different projects. Clockk learned quickly which website were grouped with which projects, reducing the time he took to put together his timesheet and finding $70 per day in leaked time.

Key Quotes

“On Clockk, I saw that I had nine different companies I was working on in a day. I did work for I think I nine and half billable hours that day, it was a 12-13 hour day. I did my spreadsheet and then I looked at the Clockk data, and I missed 45 minutes of billable time. At $125/hr bucks that’s about $70. At that point, I asked how much it costs and he didn’t say it was less than seventy dollars so I was like, Oh, I should buy this right now.”

“Clockk definitely pays for itself and then some. It’s just making me calm.”