Automatic Time Tracking for Bookkeepers

To all the bookkeepers out there, you know how challenging it can be to track how long you spend on client projects.

You spend your day jumping from project to project and forget to record your time.

You spend time sorting through your emails, calendars, and to-do lists to figure out how much time you spent on each project.

You’re not confident that you are billing for all your time and let revenue slip through the cracks.

Learn how Clockk time tracking software helps bookkeepers track their time while embracing the way you work and capturing every billable hour.

"Sometimes I end up working on several different client accounts within an hour."

Having to remember to start and stop a timer EVERY time you switch between projects is inefficient and easy to forget. It’s nearly impossible to capture all your hours accurately, which means you’re likely not billing for all the time you’ve worked.

Clockk is a game-changer for bookkeepers who thrive in a dynamic, multitasking work environment. With Clockk, there's no need to remember to start or stop timers, allowing you to embrace your natural workflow.

Clockk is an AI-powered time tracking app that runs in the background, automatically recording your computer activity. Clockk allows you to seamlessly transition between different projects throughout the day, while still having a reliable record of your time spent on each one. Find the apps you used, websites you visited, your email, and calendar grouped by project/client in Clockk’s Activity view.

“Clockk has helped me the most with billing accurately, because when I would start and stop time, I forget. Sometimes I would go do something else and didn’t start the timer. Being able to track websites has helped me to bill more accurately, too. When billing hourly, that's important.” -Beth Schendel

Clockk activity view
Clockk Activity View

“It’s amazing how those "oh this will only take 5 minutes" tasks quickly add up throughout your day.”

How much money have you lost from inaccurate time tracking? Time adds up fast and failing to log those 5-minute tasks here and there could mean you’re losing out on billable hours.

With Clockk, you can feel confident that you’re getting paid for every minute of your work. Increase your profitability by uncovering and billing for time you previously forgot.

Clockk has unique technology that can differentiate different projects within the same app. Let’s say you’re using Quickbooks for multilple different clients. Instead of giving you the total amount of time you spent in Quickbooks, Clockk will break it down by project so you can accurately capture and bill for all the time you spent on each client.

“Clockk literally paid for itself in the first month that I purchased it because of all the extra time I was able to bill for clients when I wasn't realizing I was spending three minutes here and four minutes there. That stuff adds up. Each month is different for me but I would have to estimate that I'm billing probably 25 % to 50 % more per month than I typically would have otherwise.” -Richard Zimbalist

Twitter profiles
Twitter profiles

“Personally, I often find that tracking and capturing what you are working on takes longer and is a bigger hassle to do than doing the actual project work.”

The last thing you want to think about after a busy day is how long you spent on each project. Sorting through your emails, calendars, and to-do lists to figure out how much time you spent on each project is time-consuming, stressful, and prone to mistakes.

With Clockk, you can use the Assign Always feature to automatically assign your work to projects. If you Assign Always, Clockk will automatically assign that same task to the designated project in the future, simplifying your workflow even further.

"“Clockk takes away the guesswork of what you worked on today. Which app did you work on? Which website? Which page on the website? How many hours did you spend on a project? It could have been two, it could have been one.” -Felix Schulze"

Clockk Assign Always
Clockk Assign Always

“Where is my day going? Wake up and then it's night time. Where did it go?”

Do you sit there at the end of a busy day wondering where the heck the day went? You were so focused on your work that you have no clue how much time you spent on each project, making it extremely difficult to make informed business decisions.

With Clockk, you’ll get a clear picture of where you are spending your time. Create accurate proposals for your clients, determine when its time to adjust your rates, and adjust your workflow to be more efficient. Find your total tracked time in the reports section, where you can filter and sort the data by day, client, or project to get the exact information you need.

“With Clockk, I not only create more accurate proposals, I have also raised my hourly rate because I know I'm more efficient. So if I'm going to do things quickly, I don't want to lose money doing them, so I had to raise my rate. And that's what having that knowledge of how much time things takes me.“ -Cecily Kellogg

Clockk Reports
Clockk Reports


Key features of Clockk time tracking tool

  • Accurately track billable hours
  • Accurate timesheets
  • Integrates with your accounting software
  • Free plan

Why bookkeepers love Clockk

"Clockk saves you money, tracks your time, and makes more revenue from every project you take. Great for accounting firms who need to track time." - Felix Schulze

“I have worked with tracking apps before, but they have never been as accurate, as I always forgot to press the start button or forgot to turn it off. Clockk is one of the best time tracking tools out there for bookkeepers.” -Danielle Kleingeld

“Meanwhile the timer was still running for the first client. I'd then have to ballpark which client got how much of my time so the first client wasn't footing the bill. If I couldn't quite figure out all of the time, instead of unfairly charging a client, I would eat it. Because #integrity” -Daniel Bisett

"Typically, we plan our day to equally allocate time blocks for different clients. However, unexpected urgent requests or the need to support colleagues can disrupt our schedules. Before using Clockk, keeping an accurate track of employee time on these disruptions would interrupt the flow of our work." -Richard Harvey

“Before I used Clockk, I lost client billable time because I did not feel confident that, oh, that added up to a certain amount. Now I can say, oh, yes, I had all of these internal conversations and that added up to a total of an hour. That's hundreds of dollars and that billable target. And that time I previously probably was not recording. So huge benefit there. Awesome time tracker!” -Luke Thorson

"I was leaking anywhere from $30 to $100 a day. You really underestimate how much time you're leaking until you use Clockk. I can now capture all my work hours which is a game changer for client billing. Super simple time tracking software perfect for a small business." -Brian Jeffcock

“When you write it manually, you never have your hours sorted like Clockk does. It's impossible. You have no chance to get exactly what you've done. Clockk doesn’t only save me the time I spent writing it down, it also saves me time figuring out what I did. Sometimes you spend an hour figuring out what you have done, what to explain, what project you’ve done. Clockk makes doing time entries in my billing software super simple.” -Felix Schulze

“Perfect, thank you so much for your help so far, having this type of billing allowed us to track a start and stop project much more accurately and we feel we finally got paid for the time we actually spent! It's perfect for business owners who need to figure out their project costs.” -Shea Crawford

“not only do I have an accurate idea of the work I've done, but it also gives me an idea of my distractions. ie. work I have done in the middle of another project. I love that I can track progress on specific tasks. Perfect for small businesses! One of the best time tracking apps I've used so far.” -Danielle Kleingeld

“I’ve tried tracking my time manually but quite often lost track of things as I switched between projects. Clockk runs in the background keeping track of what I’m working on. I can use it with my billing tools and it integrates with my project management tools.” -Jack Ikhtiari

“Personally, I often find that tracking and capturing what you are working on takes longer and is a bigger hassle to do than doing the actual project work. You want to dive in and get things done, not write the narrative of what you are doing. I'm far more productive with Clockk automatically tracking things in the background and always having a record there to check on for whatever reason, and it does a stellar job at that! Clockk has two different pricing plans (free and paid) and determines different projects in my accounting system.” -Jon Price” -Jon Price

“Now I am free to switch between client projects when required, confidently in the knowledge that Clockk will have me covered. Clockk has truly made time tracking effortless, allowing me to focus on what matters most - deliver quality work for our clients. Clockk has helped me fill out accurate time cards at my accounting firm and has helped with my project management.” -Richard Harvey


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