Best time tracking app for web designers

Web designers of the world, we hear you. You're busy juggling multiple clients a day and need to track all the time you spend on them.

From designing websites, to maintenance, coding, answering emails, and meetings with clients. Your day gets hectic, and the last thing you want to think about is how much time you spent on each project for each client. This is why we created Clockk - AI powered (automatic) time tracking.

Track your web design time automatically

Free yourself of start and stop timers. Stay fully present in your work while Clockk works in the background automatically tracking what you're doing. Clockk integrates with all your graphics tools, coding tools, project management tools, email, and calendar. Find the apps you used, websites you visited, your email, and calendar grouped by project/client in Clockk’s Activity view.

Clockk activity view
Clockk Activity View

How web designers use Clockk to track their time

Felix Schulze and Richard Zimbalist are both web designers who use Clockk to track time spent on client projects. On Felix’s busiest days he can be working on projects for up to 15 different clients. He spends most of his time creating solutions for clients such as a new website, new web shops, APIs, CRM systems, and fixing and maintaining web shops. Richard uses Clockk to track website edits for his clients and time spent answering emails.

“Clockk has been just absolutely phenomenal because I'm able to see how much time I have spent on the website edits or answering emails, and all the things that are pertaining to the work with this client and their request for the website.” - Richard Zimbalist

Before Richard used Clockk, he tried many other time tracking apps. He had the same problem with all of them - forgetting to stop the timer. Felix tried tracking his time manually by writing it down. He found it impossible to get an accurate reflection of his day and found it very time consuming.

“I did Toggl, I did Harvest, I did my phone start stop. I tried everything you can think of. And undoubtedly, I was always great about pressing the start, but just terrible at pressing stop. I would go to look at my time later on and apparently, I'd work with somebody for four hours that day when it was only four minutes. But yeah, I tried them all and I hated them with a passion until Clockk came around.” -Richard Zimbalist

“When you write it manually, you never have your hours sorted like Clockk does. It's impossible. You have no chance to get exactly what you've done. Clockk doesn’t only save me the time I spent writing it down, it also saves me time figuring out what I did. Sometimes you spend an hour figuring out what you have done, what to explain, what project you’ve done.” -Felix Schulze

Clockk has helped Richard and Felix

  1. Bill up to 50% more
  2. Capture time efficiently
  3. Be more organized

“Clockk literally paid for itself in the first month that I purchased it because of all the extra time I was able to bill for clients when I wasn't realizing I was spending three minutes here and four minutes there. That stuff adds up. Each month is different for me but I would have to estimate that I'm billing probably 25 % to 50 % more per month than I typically would have otherwise.” -Richard Zimbalist

“Clockk helps me to make more money and not be so messy. I'm messy but have a way to clean up after me without anybody recognizing I was a mess. Depending on how much I work myself, I bill around $3,000 to $5,000 a month more. Before, if I worked 10 minutes, I didn’t track it so I don’t write an invoice for that. I just throw it away, I’d rather keep it.” - Felix Schulze

View work organized by project

Clockk uses AI to recognize which project your work belongs to. Find your work organized by project/client in Clockk’s Activity view. At the bottom of each project column you will see a total amount of time spent on each client for that day.

“I think the clock is phenomenal because I love the AI component of it. It makes your job easier every single day.” - Richard Zimbalist

“Clockk takes away the guesswork of what you worked on today. Which app did you work on? Which website? Which page on the website? How many hours did you spend on a project? It could have been two, it could have been one. I would just write one or one and a half when really it was 3 hours. This is very important for me.” -Felix Schulze

“I think the reality is that people aren't going to track their time with emails. They just assume it's going to be a quick response and they're not looking at that. That's where I think doing the customization where you can put emails associated to specific projects and so forth is just crucial because you're going to spend a lot more time doing email responses than you really anticipate.” - Richard Zimbalist

Clockk block details
Clockk block details

Easily assign new work

When you start working on a new project, your work will show up in the unassigned column in Clockk’s Activity view. Easily assign that work to a project/client by clicking on a block of time, then clicking assign, and then + new project.

“Since we work on websites most of the time, or just create the mockups in a web tool or in Microsoft video, we don't have to do anything apart from assign to client, assign to client, assign to client, and collect the money. Pretty much that's it and it's very easy for us to use.” -Felix Schulze

Clockk assign to project
Clockk Assign to project


When you want to send an invoice, or give clients an idea of how much time certain projects take, view total tracked time in the reports section. You can filter these reports by any combination of day, team member, client, and project.

“I like to be fair and transparent with my clients. My clients pay for what they get. With Clockk I can explain to the client exactly what I've done. I can't complain. Great software, great tool.” -Felix Schulze

Clockk reports
Clockk reports

Clockk has helped many web designers make more money, track time efficiently, and be more organized.


Why web designers love Clockk

“Before I realized it, I'm spending an hour and a half on this project, but I thought it was going to be a five, 10 minute thing. So Clockk was really able to help me gather that information and the actual data for how long I'm working with people so I can bill them at an appropriate time.” -Richard Zimbalist

“This is the main thing. Clockk saves you money, tracks your time, and makes more revenue from every project you take. - Felix Schulze

“One of the things that I found Clockk to be just instrumental for is whenever I am trying to work, I need to capture the time as efficiently as possible.” - Richard Zimbalist

“When I've used other time trackers in the past, I have always been horrible at clicking the start stop button. And that's where Clockk has been just absolutely phenomenal in trying to track everything I'm doing and make sure that I'm charging and billing appropriately for things.” -Richard Zimbalist


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