Frequently Asked Questions


Can I track my calendars? Can I track my phone calls? Can I track time for each ticket/task in my project tool? Can I track what my employees are doing? Can I track where I waste my time? e.g. YouTube, Reddit Can I track Zoom calls? How can I keep my personal browsing private from Clockk? How do I track my emails? What does the Clockk desktop app track? What does the Clockk browser extension track?

Using Clockk

Can Clockk track Twitter for multiple clients? Is Clockk only for professional services companies? I am a freelancer. How should I set up my clients and projects? Why do some web apps appear in Unassigned, but not others? Where should I assign the Clockk Web App time? Why does every client need a project and vice versa?


Can Clockk show me how efficient and productive I am? How does Clockk work? What does Clockk integrate with?


Why does the browser extension need so many permissions? Can I install just the desktop app or browser extension?


Do you have a mobile app?


Why does your price keep changing?