Imagine Knowing Exactly What you Did This Week

No more timers. Never miss a minute of your day with AI-powered time tracking

Clockk screen example for July 4

July 4

Clockk screen example for July 5
Clockk screen example for July 6

Used by multitasking professionals to easily and accurately track their time spent on client projects

The old way

Example of an old-fashioned start/stop timer in a time tracker

The new way

Example of what Clockk looks like instead of needing a start/stop timer

No more start and stop timers

Who enjoys time sheets? Absolutely no one. Clockk’s automatic time tracking works in the background to keep track of your work. At the end of the day or week, simply verify your tasks and submit. Now that’s enjoyable!

A report showing the amount of time spent and money earned on several clients and projects

Bill Accurately

Stop guesstimating. With Clockk, you’ll feel confident knowing that you aren’t under or over-billing. Increase profitability by uncovering and billing for the time you lost track of when switching between projects or forgetting the start the timer.

Your day plan is a straight line, but your day reality is a curvy line that weaves before it reaches the end

Work the Way You Want to

Start and stop timers don’t capture the reality of your day – jumping from task to task, project to project. Gain the freedom to stay fully present in your work while accurately tracking your day.

Report showing time spent on various clients

Plan your business growth

Know exactly how much time it took to complete passed projects. Use this data to build more profitable proposals for predictable business growth.

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Track your every move without feeling ‘watched’

Track your every move without feeling ‘watched’

You are in full control of who sees what. Clockk is not an employee monitoring platform. We’re here to make time tracking suck less

Integrate your tech stack for seamless tagging

Integrate your tech stack for seamless tagging

Clockk integrates with popular tech products to share data across your current tech stack. Enjoy the latest in time tracking technology without disruption.

“Clockk tracks all my time. I always underestimated how long I took to write a query or edit images. I find at least two hours a week in billable time that I would have otherwise missed.”

Jeremy MacArthur

Developer, Vaxxine

“Project-based pricing is tricky when estimating execution time. With Clockk, We’re able to track ongoing projects to ensure future pricing is more accurate leading to data-backed, predictable margins.”

India White

Principal, Port Tack Media

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