Is Harvest automatic

Clockk • July 10, 2023

Harvest is a manual time tracking app, meaning you need to click start and stop on a timer as you work and switch between tasks. When you click start on the timer you choose the project that you’re working on. You can start the timer from the Harvest web app or from the apps that Harvest integrates with.

Harvest integrates with many popular tools such as Asana, Trello, Jira, Basecamp, GitHub, Slack, Quickbooks, Xero, and so much more. The integrations allow you to start the timer directly from the app you’re in without having to switch back to Harvest.

The biggest downside of using timers to track your time is forgetting to start and stop them. It leaves you with inaccurate data and the possibility of losing revenue by not capturing all your billable hours.

Automatic time tracking alternative

Clockk is an AI powered (automatic) time tracking app. Instead of timers, Clockk runs in the background, automatically tracking what you're working on and for how long. Clockk uses AI to determine which project/client your work belongs to.

  • No start/stop timers to constantly monitor
  • Focus on delivering top-notch survive to your clients instead of tracking your hours
  • Make more money by capturing all your billable hours
  • Bill your clients confidently
  • Insights into your work patterns and productivity


Clockk Activity view
Clockk Activity view

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