Clockk Launches AI-Driven Time Tracking App

Clockk • October 9, 2019

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia – Clockk today announced the launch of its AI-driven time tracking application that automatically tracks freelancer and agency work giving an accurate overview of daily work completed leading to higher revenue through uncovered billable hours, data-backed project budgeting and productivity optimization.

To date, tracking time has been a major source of frustration and lost time due to the tedious and unproductive nature of people trying to remember what they did in the run of a day. This pain has lead to inaccurate time sheets causing major inefficiencies and prohibiting success.

“Clockk was born out of personal frustration with time tracking while I was working as a consultant. I knew that having accurate time tracking was directly connected to the success of my business but couldn’t find an effective solution that didn’t feel like another task. In speaking with fellow freelancers and agency employees, I discovered that it wasn’t only me feeling the pain of time tracking. That’s why we created Clockk.” said Paul Doerwald, Founder and CEO of Clockk.

Clockk leverages machine learning to automatically label and assign the work you do. The technology sits in the background securely and privately tracking the files and web applications you use throughout your day for you to then review, correct (label your tasks to train the algorithm), and submit your time sheet. The user has full control over all data collection, and only they can access their data, ensuring complete privacy.


  • Make More Money - accurate time tracking leads users to discover billable hours they would have otherwise missed.
  • Save More Time - In industries that trade time for money, every minute counts. Automated time tracking removes the burden of manually tracking your days and weeks.
  • Optimized Workday - accurate time tracking leads to discovering inefficiencies allowing users to optimize their daily productivity
  • Predictable Margins - accurate time tracking gives users the data they need to budget project time estimations for future work whether they bill hourly or by project.

About Clockk

Clockk is an AI-driven time tracking application that automatically tracks the work users complete during the day. Built for freelancers and small agencies, those who trade time for money, Clockk’s accurate time sheets lead to higher revenues and time saved through uncovered billable hours, more accurate budgeting, and discovering and solving productivity inefficiencies. For a free trial, visit:, or follow us on Twitter @clockkcom.


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