FAQ / Can I track where I waste my time? e.g. YouTube, Reddit

Can I track where I waste my time? e.g. YouTube, Reddit

Yes! Several of our customers have done this, and have learned a lot about themselves!

Create a Client & Project such as “«your company name» Time Wasters”. Then use the Web Activity view to assign your personal time wasters to this project:

  • Go to the Activity view
  • Click on the web activity indicator (you can see it by hovering over the time-of-day on the left-hand side of the activity view)
  • Click “Assign URL path to project”
  • Chose the “Time Wasters” project
  • Specify the domain (e.g. https://youtube.com) that you’d like tracked.

From this point forward, any time you spend on what you consider time-waster sites will be tracked.

You don’t have to record this time in your timesheets. Just clear it out every day before you save. Or, go ahead and record the time. It’s entirely up to you what you do with this information.

Why don’t we do this automatically? One person’s time waster (e.g. YouTube, Reddit) is another person’s productive day (a social media marketer maintaining their client’s profile, or a graphic designer learning how to use their tools).

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