FAQ / Why does the browser extension need so many permissions?

Why does the browser extension need so many permissions?

The Clockk browser extension uses its permissions for good 😇, not evil 👿.

The browser extension allows you to use Clockk to see what websites and web apps you used during the day. It makes your timesheets more accurate.

The extension sends the following information to Clockk:

  • URL
  • Page title
  • Date & time of the request
  • In some cases, content from the page that disambiguates which project you’re working on. e.g. the Twitter user you’re logged in as, or the project name selected in a drop-down. We only do this when the URL and page title are not enough to uniquely identify the project. You can see which sites are affected on our list of supported web apps.
  • For Chrome users, we also include an identifier for which Chrome profile you’re logged in as. This allows you to use different Chrome profiles for different clients.

All processing is done in your browser — full page contents, login credentials, etc., are never sent to Clockk. We collect and store as little data as possible.

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