FAQ / Can Clockk show me how efficient and productive I am?

Can Clockk show me how efficient and productive I am?

Yes! Although not in the way you might expect.

Some people use tools like Rize or RescueTime to help them see when and how productive they are. These tools, although configurable, sort time into “productive” and “unproductive” buckets.

Clockk doesn’t work that way. It’s up to you to decide what “meaningful” work is!

  • Sometimes emails are wasted time, and sometimes emails are extremely valuable.
  • For bookkeepers and accountants, dealing with receipts and bookkeeping software is extremely productive. For a freelancer, it’s a necessary evil.
  • For a social media manager, a day spent on Twitter is a successful day. For everyone else, GET BACK TO WORK! 😂

With Clockk, you can easily tell the difference!

Efficiency/productivity tracking is a side benefit of how Clockk works. You can tell you’ve had an efficient, productive day if you’ve spent a lot of your time on meaningful work.

These are some projects you might want to set up, in addition to your actual work projects:

  • Internal Administration — Depends what you consider admin work. Maybe HR files, or bookkeeping, or dealing with the legal team?
  • Internal Time wasters — YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter. You won’t have any trouble figuring out what goes in this project.

Clockk won’t tell you that you had a productive day, but when you look at the activity view, it will be pretty obvious if you were productive or not.

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