Google Calendar

Log in to in your browser.

On the left side, find the calendar you want to access in Clockk. When you mouse over the calendar, 3 dots will appear to the right. Click those.

Google Calendar 3 dots

Choose “Settings and Sharing”.

Google calendar Settings and sharing

Scroll ALL the way down to “Secret address in iCal format”. Highlight the link, and copy it.

Google Calendar Secret address

Paste the link into the “ICS URL” field in Clockk.

Name your calendar after the email address associated with this calendar.

If the Secret address in iCal format is missing in your calendar settings it will be because your G Suite Admin needs to enable this option (it is, by default, disabled).

  • Go to the G Suite Admin Dashboard and log in
  • Click Apps
  • Click G Suite
  • Click Calendar
  • Click Sharing Settings
  • Go to External sharing options for primary calendars and select “Share all information, but outsiders cannot change calendars”