Chrome extension

Video walkthrough showing how to install the Clockk browser extension on Chrome

Click “Add Now” to view the Clockk browser extension in the Chrome web store. The Chrome web store will open in a new tab.

Click the “Add to Chrome” button:

Chrome extension install

Chrome will ask you to confirm that you’re okay with the permissions Clockk needs. We promise to use our permissions for good, not evil 😆. Read more at Our privacy promise. Click “Add extension”.

Chrome extension permissions

The Chrome web store tab will automatically close itself, and you’ll see a notification that your browser has connected itself to Clockk. You’re all done!

Browser connected notification

If you don’t see the notification, click on the Clockk icon in your browser.

Extension login screen

Log in by clicking the link, and if that doesn’t work, using your email and password.

If things still don’t work, ask for help using the Intercom in the bottom right-hand corner!