How to read and interpret Clockk Insight’s daily email

Use Clockk Insight’s daily email to:

  • Complete your timesheets (we call this your “timesheet cheatsheet”!)
  • Identify high-value and low-value time
  • See how long you actually spend on Slack/email
  • Remind yourself what you did, for your daily stand-up meeting
  • Show how busy you are
  • Prove that you’re indispensable and worthy of a raise

The daily email is broken into 4 sections: Apps, Email, Web activity and Calendar. Those sections are described below.


The App section tells you the truth, good and bad. Was your day amazing? Did you crush it? Were you scattered? Unfocused? This section shows the work you delivered for your employer, your clients, or yourself. You’ll see the app usage Clockk tracked. E.g. Word, Photoshop, Visual Studio Code, Figma, Google Docs, Twitter, Google Ads, etc. Ask yourself:

  • What did I work on yesterday?
  • Which clients did I work for?
  • Where did I actually spend my time?
  • Where should I have spent my time?
  • What should I make today look like?


Some of us live in our email — it is how we deliver value to our employer, customers and clients. For others, email is what keeps us from doing the work that matters.

  • Did you write a lot of short emails or a few big ones?
  • For the amount of time you spent reading your email, did you write a lot?
  • Is email actually the distraction you think it is?

Web activity

The “web activity” section is your daily “assist” 🏒⚽️. Usually it’s not the work you did, but it’s stuff you had to do to make your work happen. Use this section to ask:

  • Did I spend a lot of time researching or learning something new?
  • Did I lose time to administrivia? e.g. filling in surveys, expense forms, reports, booking flights & hotels?
  • Was my web activity focused on delivering value for my employer/customers/clients?
  • Was I distracted, easily confused?
  • Did I take on too much responsibility? Am I in over my head?


Your calendar is the anchor ⚓️ of your day. All the work you deliver has to fit around your calendar events.

  • Did I have a lot of meetings? Were they spaced out or together?
  • Did I accomplish a lot, given how many meetings I had?
  • Do my calendar events give me anxiety, or do they structure my time?