Use the activity view

Clockk’s activity view gives you an overview of what you’ve accomplished in your day. It offers you a colourful and straightforward visualization, making time tracking easier and a bit less awful 😆

Activity view visualization
Your day, as shown in the Activity view

The real secret to Clockk’s activity view is knowing how to use it. This way, you’ll be able to effectively organize your day and submit your time sheet. Like a real time tracking wiz' 🧙‍♂️

Don’t worry about getting your activity view looking perfect; the goal is to get an accurate approximation of how you spent your day.

✅You can extend blocks by pulling the handles at the top and bottom. This allows you to correct any work that Clockk did not track. For example, you can extend a meeting block that was scheduled for 30 minutes, but ended up taking 45minutes.

✅You can delete a block, which removes it from your day. Simply click on the block and select Delete time.

✅You can create a new project column to add time you spent offline. The + project column button lives in the top right corner of your Activity view.

Tip: We have keyboard shortcuts! Just hit the ? key on your keyboard to see them