Set up a second Google Chrome profile

Setting up a second Google Chrome account is the perfect way to separate your personal and work life. By having one account for work and one account for personal computer use, it becomes much easier for you (and Clockk) to track the amount and type of time you spend on your computer.

How to do it:

Open Google Chrome. In your Menu bar, under the People section, click Add Person…

Gray Boxes

Your new profile should not have Clockk's web extension in the top right corner of your internet browser. This means Clockk will not track on this browser. Now, Clockk will only track the real work that you do (and not the hours spent at home on Youtube 😄)

Tip: Differentiate between your two Google Chrome accounts by calling one "Work" and the other "Personal". It will make it easier to switch back and forth between the two, avoiding any time tracking mishaps.