Using Clockk betas

If you like living on the cutting edge, you can opt in to using Clockk beta software.

Important note: By using beta software you risk losing tracking data or otherwise getting strange data in Clockk. There may be no announcement of feature updates or changes on the beta channel. Use at your own risk.

That said, we only deploy software to the beta channel if we feel that it’s ready for real user feedback. Using beta software is your opportunity to enjoy new features sometimes long before they’re available to regular users.

Chrome browser extension

At this point the beta browser extension is only available for Chrome. It is available on the Chrome Web Store. The Clockk beta extension has a blue icon, as opposed to the regular green icon.

We recommend installing it alongside the production browser extension, but with the production extension turned off. It is wise to pin both extensions to your browser. This makes it easy to switch back and forth if you notice any troubles. The image below shows the two extensions side by side:

Production and beta Clockk browser extensions side-by-sie
Production and beta Clockk browser extensions side-by-side

You shouldn’t turn both extensions on at the same time, although it probably won’t cause any problems.