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Clockk Insight is a daily email that shows you what you did yesterday. It's your time tracking superpower.

  • Cut your timesheet time in half.
  • Reduce your stress & anxiety.
  • Remember what you worked on so you can bill your clients fairly & accurately.
  • Supercharge your existing workflow - no switching time trackers or invoicing tools.
  • Focus on the work you love.
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BEFORE Clockk Insight

You scoured your email, calendar, and whatever else you could get your fingers on. You pieced together your data… … and then you made your timesheets up. Yup. Your timesheets are a big fat lie. You know it. Your boss knows it. Your clients know it. But it's the best you've got. You spend hours every week writing down lies. Hours of stress, anxiety, and the rotting feeling in your stomach Timesheets take a TREMENDOUS amount of energy That's ok. You'll just do them on Monday instead, right? Nope. Putting timesheets off just makes them worse. Guilt Pressure Stress Drowning Your mental health suffers because of timesheets STOP THE SUFFERING Clockk Insight makes timesheets easy.
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    • Bill Breeze
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    • TaskMasterTech Twitter Engagement Strategy
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    • Google Ads - BillBreeze
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  • Figma 36m
    • Twitter Images TaskMasterTech
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    • Analytics | Traffic acquisition - CustomerFinity
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    • Clockk > Rize
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  • Marketing Meeting - CustomerFinity 1h
  • Proposal - NumberFancy 30m

“Clockk works in the background and gives you a good idea of which files or emails you have worked on, or which websites you have visited.”

---- Danielle Kleingeld SEO and Digital Content Consultant

“Multi-project time tracking is critically important to keeping my sanity. Clockk allows me to track all my time, not just one task at a time. Efficiency experts urge us not to multi-task because it destroys our productive outputs, yet I still do it every day because I am a scattered creative type with no impulse control.”

---- Bradley Leese Practical SEO, LLC

“THE BEST admin/productivity app I have invested in.”

---- Evie Hartman GVGuide
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Clockk Insight is the most valuable email you’ll receive today

... and tomorrow

... and the day-after-tomorrow

... and the day-after-the-day-after-tomorrow

... and the day after that
... and after that

One daily email has everything you need

  • Apps you used, for how long, and for which client
  • Websites you worked on and used
  • Emails you wrote -- and how long you spent writing them
  • Calendar events for the day

The answers you need to accurate, on-time timesheets are delivered every day to your inbox

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How does it work?

It takes 10 minutes to install two trackers - a browser extension and desktop app that privately and securely track your work.

The trackers watch the currently active app and browser tab and privately and securely send that in to our server.

We add up the time, and make it available to you in a daily email as well as the Clockk web app.

What if I walk away from my computer?

As long as you're interacting with the foreground app, we track it. As you as you stop typing and clicking, the timer automatically stops. Clockk’s algorithms cleverly stitches together the time you spend.

I use the same app for lots of clients and projects.

We do too.

We use some pretty clever tricks to separate the time you spend working on different Quickbooks clients, Twitter profiles, Slack channels, Canva drawings, and more.

I don't want to switch from Toggl / Harvest / Clockify / Freshbooks / Quickbooks / etc.

You don't need to switch!
Keep your current time tracker, invoicing tool, project management tool, and workflow.
Clockk Insight enhances what you're doing today, making your job easier, less stressful, and more fun.

Does it work for my whole team?

Yes, you can get multiple seats, but each person's tracked data is their own.

What does it cost?

Clockk Insight is free in our Clockk Express plan, which you get when your 14-day Clockk trial expires.

It sounds magical.

It is. We're pretty proud of what we built.

Let the magic begin.

Start my 14-day free trial today No credit card required.

“There are some disappointing apps that trigger buyers remorse but this ain't one of those.”

---- Jack Ikhtiari Sr. Kamduke Web Design

“Meanwhile the timer was still running for the first client. I'd then have to ballpark which client got how much of my time so the first client wasn't footing the bill. If I couldn't quite figure out all of the time, instead of unfairly charging a client, I would eat it. Because #integrity”

---- Daniel Bisett We Rock DM

“THE BEST admin/productivity app I have invested in.”

---- Tara O'Doherty Voxie

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