2020: The Complete Time sheet Meme Collection

January 8, 2021

2020 had all the promise of a good year... until March happened.

But to keep spirits up, we kept on making great memes. This is every meme we made during the whole year, and that’s a LOT of memes!

Tell me again why you didn’t complete your timesheets
I got 99 problems and my timesheets ain’t one
You, you and you! You all get timesheet reminders
This just in, your timesheets are due
What if I told you, timesheets are due
Hey. Can I get this week’s time sheets by noon?
If you could submit your timesheets along with form TS-31, that would be great
On Friday after I submit my time sheets
And just like that ... it’s already Friday and your time sheets are due
When you complete your time sheets ✅
My boss since I started using Clockk for my time sheets
Time Sheets? Ain’t Nobody got time for that
Uses Clockk to track my time and finds more billable hours
Handing in my time sheets on time or draw 25
Woman: “My Creative process can’t be timed” Cat: just wants to send invoices
Use Clockk for your time sheets.  Her Majesty the Queen
Filing in your time sheets manually vs. using Clockk to automate your time sheets
Me and the weekend vs. the time sheets I haven’t filled out
I should start filling out my time sheets ... but I could also do it at the last possible minute
Manually filling out time sheets vs. letting Clockk do it for you.
Luke, you left your Harvest timer running again. Nooooooooooooo!
Me with several weeks worth of time sheets I haven’t filled out ... This is fine.
When you ask an employee for the 100th time to fill out their time sheet and they still don’t do it.
Much terrible... so pain ... very time sheet ... so hurt ...
Me and my management when Friday comes and I haven’t handed in my time sheets
I decided to track our time even though we bill by project, so I guess you can say things are getting pretty serious
The weekend, me, my blank timesheets
How our invoices look to clients vs. What management goes through for them to look that way
My boss: submit your time sheets, Me: Trying to remember what I did this week
When your time sheets are automatically done for you
*Pressing stop on the timer*, Your employees:
Fill out your time sheet vs. go to happy hour instead
Time sheets suck. Change my mind.
Sending my time sheets, realizing I missed out on billable hours.
This is Bill. Bill submits his timesheets on time. Bill get paid. Be like Bill. Sponsored by your manager.
Waiting for everyone to submit their time sheets
A month into work from home, it ain’t much, but it’s honest work
The number of people who don’t submit their timesheets on time, is too damn high!
Stop leaving your time sheets to the last minute
On the path to the dark side, time sheets are
Hey you goin’ to sleep? Yes, now shut up. You forgot to submit your timesheet! 😱
When you and your coworker actually submit your time sheets on time
You when you do your time sheets
Turning in your timesheets on time so hot right now!
You didn’t submit your time sheets? Be a lot cooler if you did

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