2020-07-10 when you ask an employee for the 100th time to fill out their time sheet and they still don't do it 2020-07-03 Me with several weeks worth of time sheets I haven't filled out, this is fine 2020-06-26 Luke, you left your Harvest timer running again, Nooooooooooooo! 2020-06-19 Manually filling in time sheets vs. Letting Clockk do it for you 2020-06-12 me: i should start filling out my time sheets, me to me: do it at the last possible minute 2020-06-05 Me and the weekend vs. the time sheets I haven't filled out 2020-05-29 Filling in your time sheets manually, using clockk to automate your time sheets 2020-05-22 2020-05-15 My creative process can't be timed, just wants to send invoices 2020-05-08 Handing in my time sheets on time or draw 25