FAQ / Why does your price keep changing?

Why does your price keep changing?

Clockk’s pricing is in US Dollars (USD), but is automatically localized, depending on where you’re browsing from.

You may notice a flicker as the prices are updated on our pricing page. You’ll also see different pricing when you get to the billing page in-app.

For instance, if you’re in Canada, you’ll see a price in CAD. If you’re in Germany, you’ll see EUR. About 30 different currencies around the world are supported automatically.

Furthermore, your price will be increased by the sales taxes in your jurisdiction. You might not get a final price until you’ve entered your country or postal code for local VAT or GST.

If you’re a European business customer, you can remove the VAT from your price by entering your business number.

All our billing, localization, taxation, and credit card processing, is handled by Paddle.

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