Clockk UI Update - March 2022

Clockk • March 21, 2022

As of today, Clockk is getting a new look. You’ll still see the same powerful one-column-per-project layout, but we’re making navigation easier, especially for new users.

Tabbed layout — Today, yesterday, and tomorrow are now tabs you can click on.

Calendar tab — The calendar drop-down gets its own tab.

+ Project tab — To add a new project column, find the little + button.

Web activity — We've moved web activity to the left-hand side of the day, rather than giving you a button. With the new design, you can see the intensity of your web browsing at a particular time. Clicking on the left-hand browsing activity takes you to that hour's browsing history. Our goal is to make remembering what you worked on even easier.

Easier timesheet submission — Don't forget to click "Save" every day to permanently save your timesheets so you can access them in your reports.

Stay tuned! We have lots more coming in the weeks and months ahead!

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