Creating clients and projects

When you use Clockk, you assign your work to a Project. Every Project has a Client. A Client can have multiple Projects.

There are two ways to add new Clients and Projects: from the Clients & Projects management page, and directly from inside the Activity View.

Clients & Projects

You can reach the Clients & Projects management page by clicking on your initials in the top right-hand corner, and then choosing Clients & Projects.

To add a new client, click the big blue + Add client button in the header:

+ Add client
Adding a new client with the + Add client button

To add a project to a client, find the client in the list, and choose + Add project

+ Add project
Adding a new project to a client with the + Add project button

To edit a project, just click on it. From there you can change the name, the people who can bill time to the project (Studio plan and higher), as well as Archiving the project.

Edit project
Editing a project

Creating a Client or Project from the Activity view

Users with permission to create projects and clients (Studio plan and higher) can do so easily from right inside the Activity view.

Start by clicking on a work item to assign it to a project. At the bottom of the popup, you’ll see the + New project button. Click it, even if you’re adding a new client.

Add project
Add a project from the Activity view

If you’ve previously created the client, you can choose them from the list. Otherwise click +New client.

Add client
Add a client from the Activity view

If you’re adding a new client, you'll be asked first to fill in the client name. The notes are optional.

Create client form
Creating a new client inside the Activity view

When you’ve chosen or created a client, you can create the project. Note the surprisingly popular feature that lets you choose the project color. Your client’s brand color is a great choice.

Create project form
Creating a new project
Project color selector
Choosing a color for a project. Hint: choose your client’s brand color using the HEX entry field.

Archiving clients and projects

When you’re finished working on a project or for a client, you’ll want to Archive that project. When a project is Archived, you can’t bill any more time to it.

This is incredibly useful, because it can help you prevent cost overruns on projects. If you archive a project as soon as it’s done, any work you do on the project will still appear in your Activity View, but your staff won’t be able to click “Save” on your timesheet. They’ll have to talk to you (or their project manager) and find out what project to bill that time to.

We have another help document with more detail about saving time to archived projects.