Is Toggl Track automatic?

Clockk • March 9

Toggl Track is mainly a timer based time tracking app. In order to track time you need to hit start and stop on a timer. However, it does have some automatic time tracking features within the desktop app that requires a bit of setup.

To use the autotracker feature you need to trigger it by setting up keywords. These keywords allow you to receive time tracking notifications or automatically start tracking when you open an app that matches the keyword set. You can adjust these triggers under the Autotracker tab.

Automatic time tracking add on

An easier way to automate Toggl Track is to use it with Clockk Insight. Clockk Insight is an automatic time tracking tool that shows you what you worked on and for how long. No setting up keywords needed. Clockk Insight runs in the background, and you’ll receive an email with accurate data of what you worked on. Simply check your email and enter the times into Toggl Track.

Check out our simple guide on How to automate Toggl Track.

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