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Clockk • March 9, 2023

The worst part about Toggl Track is having to remember to start and stop a timer. It’s inefficient and inaccurate. Clockk is an automatic time tracking add-on that you can use with Toggl Track.

With Clockk, you’ll receive an email everyday telling you what you worked on and for how long. Simply enter this accurate data into Toggl Track when you're ready to do your timesheets.

  • Ditch the start/stop timer
  • Work on multiple projects a day
  • Stay fully present in your work
  • Bill accurately

How to Add on Clockk

  1. Sign up to Clockk by Clicking HERE

  2. Install the desktop app and browser extension (Email and calendar are optional). All the trackers are private and secure.

Clockk setup
Clockk setup
  1. Continue working and the next day you will receive an email that shows you what you worked on and for how long. Here is an example:
Clockk daily email
Clockk daily email
  1. When your ready to do your timesheets, check your email and enter your time in Toggl Track.
  • Say you want to add in 1h22m (from Google Docs in the email above).

  • Click and drag on the calendar in the Toggl Track webapp under the date you want to add your time for.

  • Enter 1h22 into the box that pops up, pick the project that it’s for, add a description, and hit add!

*It doesn’t matter how large you drag the box, once you add in your time it will automatically adjust.

Clockk Insight and Toggl Track
Clockk Insight and Toggl Track


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