Toggl Track desktop app vs Clockk desktop app

Clockk • March 9, 2023

Toggl Track and Clockk are both popular time tracking apps used by individuals and teams who need to keep track of billable hours. Read on to learn the difference between Toggl Tracks’s desktop app and Clockk’s.

Toggl Track desktop app

Toggl Tracks’ desktop app is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can track your time by using the timer in the desktop app and it will automatically sync with the web app. The app also allows you to add/edit time entries directly in it.

The desktop app also comes with options like Time tracking reminders, Idle detection, Pomodoro timer, and offline time tracking. It also has a timeline feature that shows you each website or program that you have viewed for more than 10 seconds.

Toggl Track desktop app
Toggl Track Desktop App

Clockk desktop app

Clockk’s desktop app is available for Windows and macOS. Clockk’s desktop app doesn’t require any timers to track your time, it does so automatically. Clockk recognizes when you start clicking and typing and it will start tracking time. If you walk away from your computer it will stop tracking.

You can view your time spent on the apps you used in the Clockk app under Activity view and List view or in your email. Clockk automatically recognizes which apps belong to which project/client. You can easily assign new work to projects by finding it in the unassigned column in Clockk's Activity view

You can also connect your email and calendar to automatically track when you send emails and your calendar events. Turn the trackers on by hitting the tracker button in the top right corner in the desktop app.

Clockk desktop app
Clockk Desktop App

Use Clockk’s desktop app with Toggl Track

The worst part about Toggl Track’s desktop app is having to remember to start and stop the timer. Use Clockk’s desktop app with Toggl to automate your time tracking. You can install Clockk’s desktop app (and browser extension) by signing up for Clockk.

Clockk sends you a daily email showing you what you worked on yesterday. Accurately track your time with no timers. Simply check your email and add your tracked time into Toggl Track.

Check out our guide to learn How to automate Toggl Track.

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