Toggl Track Pros and Cons (2023)

Clockk • March 6, 2023

Toggl Track is one of the most popular time tracking apps on the market. It’s simple to use, and helps freelancers and business owners boost their productivity and profitability.

How does Toggl Track work?

Once you sign up you can start tracking time right away in the web app with a start/stop timer. You can create projects and clients to assign your time to.

For more information on creating projects and different ways to track your time check out our detailed guide on How to use Toggl Track effectively

What users are saying about Toggl Track

Are you trying to decide if Toggl Track is right for you? Here are the most recent reviews from Capterra.

Toggl Pros

“Very user friendly - for both time tracking and reports in the admin side.”

“This product is easy to use, I’ve got the free version, and it allows me to categorize tasks and keep track of them. I have it linked with other tools we use at work, such as Asana, and it is very helpful when I’m planning my weeks to see how much time I need to allot for different daily tasks.”

“Web based app that is highly customizable and accurate. Desktop software is good, mobile app is good and improving. Very useful and easy to use API’s.”

“I really like how easy to use this browser based software is. I’ve appreciated their straightforward customer support when I’ve needed it, and valued their versatility.”

“With this intuitive software, I’m now able to keep an eagle-eye view on how my time is being spent. It’s helping me become more efficient and productive by giving real-time notifications when I need it - ensuring I'm tracking every minute of my precious time. Plus, the insight give me a comprehensive understanding of what projects are monopolizing my attention and where delegating could come into play.”

“Toggl is making it easier for all the team to track the time we spend in each client/project/activity. Helps us to monitor and assess when projects are off-track or adjust pricing accordingly (if we exceed the estimated budget).”

“Tracks time easily (simple start/stop)”

“Integrates with our project management app, Todoist”

“Has great UI for gathering reports

“One of my favorite tools is the Chrome extension. I can easily start the timer with a right-click as I switch projects on new tabs.

“I need to send a weekly report to my CEO of how I spent my time. I just export the CSV for the week and send it. Otherwise, it takes me an hour to put the report together."

“Automatically notices inactivity when I forget to stop the tracker.”

“Flexibility to label different activities with tags, projects, customers.”

“Properly categorizes all activities in weekly reports.”

“User interface is intuitive, simple, and easy to switch between tasks and edit time if necessary.”

“Desktop app stays on top so no switching between screens to toggle time on and off.”

“Generates easy to read, comprehensive reports for clients.”

“Easy to add tasks & projects; love weekly reporting interface!”

“Easy to organize my time and my projects. Also, if I make a mistake, adjusting the time or project is simple also.”

“It is very easy to use. It gives me weekly breakdowns. I also like the optional Pomodoro app, which encourages me to get up and take regular quick breaks.”

“Toggl keeps me on track, so if I am working on a project for one client, and my mind get distracted and tries to get me to work on something else, I can look at Toggl and remind myself that NO, I’m working on THIS right now.”

“I love the integrating with Asana and the free plan for a small-scale web developer like me.”

“Toggl is super easy to use and helps me stay focused on the task at hand! I love being able to visualize where my time is being spent throughout the day.”

Toggl Cons

“I do not like that if I forget to change the timer with different tasks, the tracker is then not accurate - but always works well when workers are paying attention to different tasks in general.”

“They could make it easier to adjust time tracking mistakes (leaving the timer running too long) – I have to do several clicks to fit it and I make this error frequently”.

“As I go I learn my mistakes and it seems I lost over 40 hours of work because I didn’t click start and well without step-by-step directions it’s hard to learn how to use it.”

“One annoying feature is that you can’t pause sessions; you have to stop it, and create a new one. You end up with a couple of 5 second sessions.”

“Expensive for just keeping track - would like to see easier payroll connected to it.”

“Activity detection based on active window could work better.”

“I tried to stop my timer on the desktop app but it was still running on the webapp.”

“Would be nice to have an alerts feature to notify the admin/management when X amount of time has passed during business hours and no time has been accounted for by a specific team member.”

“A bit clunky at times. The desktop app leaves much to be desired.”

“Not great for employees whose hours are scattered, or when working on multiple projects at a time.”

“Limitation of features on the free version.”

“Their login is more clunky than it probably should be. It’s frustrating that everyday I want to log in, it redirects to their home page, makes me select their product from their offerings, and “then” let’s me log in.”

“Sometimes the popups can be annoying when I don’t need to track.”

“Users are not very well reminded when they forget to track time or organize it wrongly.”

“The invoicing feature, we need to manually change some things after downloading the reports.”

“The desktop and phone apps are severely under-featured compared to the web app. I've tried each and both times and quickly went back to using the web app.”

“I wish there was an option to have more than 10 favorites as I do more than 10 project types per day. I also wish there was a pause button so I don't have to find that project again if I just need to take a short break.”

“Gets pricy as the business scales up and some small features require a much larger package.”

Automatic time tracking alternative

Clockk is an AI powered (automatic) time tracking app. Instead of timers, Clockk runs in the background, automatically tracking what you're working on and for how long. Clockk uses AI to determine which project/client your work belongs to.

  • No start/stop timers to constantly monitor
  • Focus on delivering top-notch survive to your clients instead of tracking your hours
  • Make more money by capturing all your billable hours
  • Bill your clients confidently
  • Insights into your work patterns and productivity


Clockk Activity view
Clockk Activity view

Learn more about why Clockk is the best Toggl Track alternative.

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