Toggl Track Review: Pricing and Features (2023)

Clockk • March 6, 2023

Toggl Track is a popular time tracking app that lets you track how much time you spend on activities. It’s used by freelancers and businesses who need to keep track of billable hours or boost productivity.

You can log into your Toggl account and use the web app online in your browser. There is also a desktop app, browser extension, and a mobile app.

Toggl pricing

Toggl Track has 4 available plans.

Free Plan - This starter plan is for freelancers or small businesses of up to 5 people. It has basic features such as unlimited time tracking, unlimited projects and clients, report analytics, idle detection, and pomodoro timer.

Starter - For small teams. It has additional features such as billable rates, time estimates on projects, and tasks (sub-projects).

Premium - The premium plan is for multiple teams. Its features include time tracking reminders, time audits, Insights, and project forecasts and analysis.

Enterprise - For large complex organizations. It has options such as expert training and assistance and priority support.

Toggl Track pricing
Toggl Track Pricing

Toggl Track Features Review

Time tracking features

Users love tracking time with Toggl because it’s simple to use. You can track time by starting and stopping a timer or entering it manually. You can also add your calendar events as time entries.

Toggl Timer
Toggl Timer
Toggl tracked time
Toggl Tracked Time

When you're done tracking time, you can save it by stopping the timer, adding a description and choosing a project. In paid Toggl plans you can add if your time is billable and add a billable rate.

Toggl stop timer
Toggl Track Timer and Projects

The biggest problem with timers is forgetting to start or stop them. Toggl solves this problem with reminders and idle detection.

If you are working on your computer and have not started your timer, Toggl will send you a reminder to track your time. If you are not working on your computer and left your timer running, Toggl will send you an email to notify you and allow you to discard the idle time.

Automate your time tracking

If you prefer not to use a start/stop timer you can automatically track your time with Clockk. Clockk allows you to use Toggl Track without having to start and stop a timer. Users that particularly love this option are those who jump back and forth between multiple projects in a day.

Check out our guide How to automate Toggl Track to learn how you can supercharge your time tracking workflow.


Toggl Track has 3 types of time reports that you can choose from to get the level of detail you want to see.

Summary: View total tracked time. You can filter the report by date, project, client, billable or non billable, tag, description, task and team.

Detailed: You get a detailed view of each individual time entry.

Weekly: You can see total tracked time by week.

You can save reports so you can easily share them with your clients or team. If you are on a paid plan you can set an hourly rate for your projects and Toggl will calculate everything.

Toggl Reports
Toggl Reports

Project management

Toggl does offer some basic project management features on their paid plans. You can create tasks (sub-projects) that you can assign to team members and mark as done.

You can set time estimates on projects and see how actual work compares to estimates. You also get alerts when projects are approaching the estimated end.

Toggl projects
Toggl Project management
Toggl Track Project Management

What users are saying about Toggl Track

What's good about Toggl Track

“Very user friendly - for both time tracking and reports in the admin side.”

“This product is easy to use, I’ve got the free version, and it allows me to categorize tasks and keep track of them. I have it linked with other tools we use at work, such as my project management software, Asana, and it is very helpful when I’m planning my weeks to see how much time I need to allot for different daily tasks. I also love Toggl's other product- Toggl Plan.”

“With this intuitive software, I’m now able to keep an eagle-eye view on how my time is being spent. It’s helping me become more efficient and productive by giving real-time notifications when I need it - ensuring I'm tracking every minute of my precious time. Plus, the insight give me a comprehensive understanding of what projects are monopolizing my attention and where delegating could come into play. Hope this user review was helpful! Toggl is one of the better time tracking systems and is great for team management.”

“I use Toggl track premium. It's easy to add tasks & projects; love weekly reporting interface and calendar view! Great tool for using the pomodoro technique and I can track time directly from a timer in my project management tools. Best time tracking software!”

"It makes it simple to measure time spent on tasks and projects, establish numerous projects for each customer, add descriptions and tags, and run reports depending on those criteria. Toggl Track generates basic reports that may be downloaded as CSV or PDF files. Having a desktop program and the ability to run the timer straight in a browser is a helpful feature. Toggl Track's time tracking system makes it simple to keep track of how much time is spent on certain activities or projects; it's simple to establish distinct projects for each customer, tag them, and then filter them in reports. Toggl Track reports/datasets are simple to see you total time tracked, and the timer's flexibility to run locally on the computer or in Chrome is useful. There's a few different Toggl plans you can choose from to meet your needs. It can also be a useful productivity tool and help with time management."

What’s bad about Toggl Track

“I do not like that if I forget to change the timer with different tasks, the tracker is then not accurate - but always works well when workers are paying attention to different tasks in general. I do like the user interface but I'm going to search for a different time tracking tool.”

“They could make it easier to adjust time tracking mistakes (leaving the timer running too long) – I have to do several clicks to fix it and I make this error frequently which makes the reporting features inaccurate”.

“As I go I learn my mistakes and it seems I lost over 40 hours of work because I didn’t click start and well without step-by-step directions it’s hard to learn how to use it. Not the time tracking solution for me.”

“One annoying feature is that you can’t pause sessions; you have to stop it, and create a new one. You end up with a couple of 5 second sessions. Not the best time tracker in my opinion.”

“One annoying feature is that you can’t pause sessions; you have to stop it, and create a new one. You end up with a couple of 5 second sessions. Not the best time tracker in my opinion.”

"I've encountered a couple instances when the finish times of my sessions were not captured in the desktop app. After contacting support, I was told that this was most likely due to my cursor being mistakenly positioned wrongly while labeling each session, limiting its capacity to update in real time. Finding a prior project and resetting the timer takes time as well, because I have to look for the item I want using the online interface and manually copy and paste descriptions and tags."

For more Toggl Track user reviews check out Toggl Track pros and cons (2023).

Automatic time tracking alternative

Clockk is an AI powered (automatic) time tracking app. Instead of timers, Clockk runs in the background, automatically tracking what you're working on and for how long. Clockk uses AI to determine which project/client your work belongs to.

  • No start/stop timers to constantly monitor
  • Focus on delivering top-notch survive to your clients instead of tracking your hours
  • Make more money by capturing all your billable hours
  • Bill your clients confidently
  • Insights into your work patterns and productivity

To learn more about why Clockk is the best Toggl alternative check out BEST Toggl alternative - Clockk

Clockk Activity view
Clockk Activity view


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