What is similar to Toggl Track?

Clockk • March 7, 2023

Toggl Track is a manual time tracking app. In order to track time, you need to press start and stop on a timer. Then you can save your tracked time by choosing the project/client that it’s for.

Other popular manual (timer based) time tracking apps include:

  • Clockify
  • Harvest
  • FunctionFox
  • FunctionPoint
  • Clickup
  • Wrike

Automatic time tracking tools

Automated time tracking tools require you to install at least one tracker on your computer. Then you can work normally while your time is being tracked in the background.

There are different types of automatic time tracking tools. Some automate timesheets by learning which project your work gets assigned to. Some tools are used for monitoring employees by taking screenshots. Some are focused on boosting productivity.

Timesheet automation tools

Timesheet automation tools help you bill your clients accurately. They give you the freedom to stay fully present in your work while jumping from project to project. These tools don’t allow your employer to see any of your tracked data.

The most popular timesheet automation tools are:

Employee monitoring tools

Employee monitoring tools are used by employers to keep tabs on their employees. Employers can view your tracked data and take screenshots of your screen.

The most popular employee monitoring tools include:

  • DeskTime
  • Time Doctor
  • HubStaff

Productivity tools

The purpose of productivity tools is to help you identify your deep work time so you can maximize your productivity. Some make judgments about the apps and websites you’re using and decide if that time is productive or unproductive. Others allow you to make your own judgements by showing you what you worked on. These tools do not allow employers to take screenshots.

The most popular productivity tools include:

Best Toggl alternative

If you’re looking for a similar option to Toggl, we suggest giving Clockk a try. Ditch the start/stop timers, work the way you want to, bill accurately, and maximize your productivity.

To learn more about how Clockk compares to Toggl Track check out Toggl Track vs Clockk: 2023 comparison.

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