Even though we’re busy squashing bugs and helping our customers, we’re also building the future of time tracking. We have so many exciting changes coming down the pipe!

Spring 2022

Enhanced browser tracking and web activity reports
We’ll be rewriting our browser extension to make it easier to add more supported web apps. We also have a plan for a way more powerful view of your browsing history, to help you fill in the blank parts of your day.
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Summer 2022

Active app tracking
We’ve heard you! Our file-only tracking works great for some people (software developers), but a lot of detail is being lost by not tracking your active app. If you’re a graphic designer, artist or copywriter who spend their days in apps like Photoshop, Figma or Word, and Clockk isn’t tracking all your time, this release will fix everything.
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Fall 2022

Better email time tracking
Right now Clockk tracks email by having you BCC us. Auto-BCC isn’t well supported in most mail clients (we actually wrote our own for Gmail!), and it sends us way more data than we need, risking your privacy. Plus, every email counts for zero time, regardless how long you spent writing it.

With this new feature, you can add email accounts (using IMAP) directly to the Clockk trackers that run on your computer. We will never know your password, and our servers will only receive the data we need to make Clockk awesome.

Even better, we’ll be able to track exactly how long you spend writing each and every email — even if you get interrupted half-way through by another email!

Better calendar support
Right now, Clockk tracks your calendar by you adding an .ics feed to our server and it checks on your behalf. We’re going to move this functionality to the trackers running on your computer. This protects your privacy because Clockk won’t have access to your actual calendar feed — just the summarized detail that gets submitted to our servers. Plus, fewer bugs! (our current calendar support is not as amazing as we’d like.)

Clickup extension
Get detail from Clickup straight into your Activity View.

We want to build a utilization report. Your utilization is the percentage of your work time that is billable. You can use utilization information to accurately calculate your overhead costs, calculate how long a project will take, and most importantly, help you find opportunities to increase your margins.

Integrations with Quickbooks, Xero, Freshbooks, etc.
You use Clockk for your time tracking, but you send invoices with Freshbooks. Clockk will pull team members, clients and projects from Freshbooks, and will push time entries back into Freshbooks for easy invoicing.

Mark time as invoiced
Clockk helps you track all your time, but we need to add a feature that prevents you from double-invoicing that time. By marking time as invoiced, you can report on invoiced/uninvoiced time separately.

Reorganizing clients & projects
Right now when a project is created, it belongs to that client forever. Sometimes, especially new users, want to reorganize their projects, and move them to different clients.

Winter 2023

We’re going to fix a few issues that make our API hard to use for third parties, and then we’re going to release it publicly! Manage projects using your own home-spun tool and want to add them automatically to Clockk? Add and remove team members through a centralized repo? No problem! Just use our API to add and remove projects, download timesheets, and build your own tools on top of Clockk’s data.

Assign rates to people, projects, and time entries
Right now, an hour is an hour, but nothing else. With this new feature, an hour can be $100, and next month when your prices go up, an hour can be $125. You’ll have fine-grained control over when a new rate kicks in. Old time won’t reflect the new price unless you want it it. All your historical reports will be accurate, down to the penny. Because you do business internationally, you’ll be able to set rates by client in any currency.

Timesheet review & approval
It’s a good idea to get a second set of eyes on an employee timesheet, to make sure that all time is billed to the correct project. Clockk’s timesheet review system will be simple and powerful. At a glance you’ll see which days have been billed to which projects. Your eyes will easily recognize days with wrong projects, too few/many hours, and insufficient descriptions.

Spring 2023

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